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The new free-access 3D Road Data Web Portal in Japan based on Web-Survey

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The new free-access 3D Road Data Web Portal in Japan based on Web-Survey

Kashiba City has publicly released the 3D data of the city roads and buildings, on its Kashiba RID” expressly developed web portal.

This initiative was promoted by the Japanese company Nippon Insiek that surveyed this datawith their laser Mobile Mapping (Siteco’s Road-Scanner) in the years 2013-2019, and adopted Siteco’s Siteco’s Web-Survey software application for its distribution and deployment.

Although such surveyed data is widely used by the local government for public works, it has been released publicly nationwide for the first time, allowing free access and use!

The city authorities have high expectations for this online data distribution that can be freely accessed by the Japanese citizens and exploited for many different uses, private use included. To mention a couple of examples, this data can be used for producing disaster prevention maps or developing virtual reality games.

The “Kashiba RID” portal gives free access to the data of about 7,000 sections (each 100-m long) on the road map. Point clouds are also provided for roadside buildings, electrical wire, and road signs and markings. Since the distance between two specific points and the height of a building along the road can be measured with the tolerance of 1 centimeter, also non-expert people can create their own disaster prevention maps, including sea-level altitude for their home and evacuation routes, or develop virtual reality games with the relating location information.

Nippon Insiek’s Representative pointed out that: “Making this data accessible to anyone, opens the door to non-experts who could find out new uses and enlarge its applicability. This trend will spread in all the Country in the future.

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